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Invest in Oil & Gas Digital Assets

The future of oil & gas investing is here! Permian Holding transforms oil & gas reserves into invest(able) digital assets.

We believe in more traceable and transparent asset-classes that are focused on preservation of wealth and increasing liquidity under a compliant crypto-economic framework.

A Digital Asset Representing Equity in Oil Reserves

The Permian Token (XPR) is Permian Holding’s first Shari’a Compliant digital asset that represents investments in oil production campaigns. A first of its kind alternative investment crypto-asset for preservation of wealth, liquidity and transparency.


Permian Holding SPV Ltd. is a limited company based in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Permian Holding is dedicated to making direct equity investments in upstream oil production and Blockchain-as-a-Service technology to serve its oil assets.

Permian Holding owns common interest in a Calgary-based E&P company with existing production in the East Texas basin which has produced years of geological, geophysical, land and engineering work devoted to this prospect area which encompasses 161,500 gross acres.

With the advent of blockchain technology to the oil industry, Permian Holding is planning to digitize the value of its proven oil reserves by issuing its own digital asset; the PERMIAN Token; and listing it on regulated crypto exchange for growth and liquidity.


Focused on low-cost acreage and development to build a long-term growth-oriented oil & gas investment portfolio. 

Transforming our portfolio of private equity oil and gas assets into digital-asset that represent investments in proven oil reserves, allowing our team to provide more traceable and transparent instruments for preservation of wealth and increased liquidity in a compliant crypto-economic framework.

How to Invest

To subscribe, a prospective investor must complete a Suitability Form and submit the relevant client verification documents to the authorized representatives of the Company. The Company has the discretion to accept or reject or reduce, in whole or in part, any request or interest to invest with us.

Subscription monies can be paid in dollars or any such digital currency as may be confirmed by the Company.


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