Oil, Natural Gas & Blockchain Data Centers

Investing in oil, natural gas and power generation infrastructures to jump-start blockchain-data centers.

“Our model compliments the oil & gas industry with an exceptionally innovative business-model enabler harnessing distributed ledger technology and blockchain solutions as the digital infrastructure allowing the digitization of oilfields, from investments to data mining…”

– Mohamed El-Masri, Director


Permian (Alberta) Energy Holdings Ltd. is a company based in Calgary. The company is active in the upstream oil & gas production where our team of technology-driven experts are enabling a new oil & gas business-model. 

The Company owns common interest in Calston Exploration USA Inc., a Texas-based E&P company with existing oil & gas production in the East Texas basin which has produced 10 years of geological, geophysical, land and engineering work devoted to this prospect area which encompasses 161,500 gross acres. Calston is focused on low-cost acreage and development to build a long term growth-oriented oil & gas business.  


To conserve oil and gas reserves with the use of blockchain and digital transformation solutions, allowing our team to optimize revenues and provide more efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions.   


To create an alternative oil and gas business model under ethical investment practices that integrate upstream, power generation and data centers that harness clean sources of energy and blockchain-related technology.


Our team deploys a blockchain-integrated oil and gas framework as a business-model enabler allowing for a more traceable and transparent hydrocarbon investment focused on income generation, wealth preservation and enhanced liquidity solutions to our valued shareholders. We streamline revenues and data-sets from our upstream and midstream investments by deploying power-generation infrastructure to power containerized data mining farms.  


Our strategy provides existing oil & gas investors (i.e. hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional investors, accredited investors) a chance to diversify their exposure within the same industry by including a compliant digital asset which combines upstream, power generation and data centers in one digital economic model. 

Permian (Alberta) Energy Holdings Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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