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Fueling Blockchain with Oil & Gas data-sets

Transforming oil & gas reserves into valuable digital assets on a dedicated blockchain for a more traceable and transparent asset-class.

“We plan to compliment the oil & gas industry with an exceptionally innovative business-model enabler by harnessing distributed ledger technology (DLT) as the technical infrastructure allowing the digitization of oilfields, from investments to data mining…”

– Mohamed El-Masri, Director


Permian Holding SPV Ltd. is a limited company based in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Permian Holding is dedicated to making direct equity investments in upstream oil production and Blockchain-as-a-Service technology to serve its oil assets. Permian Holding owns common interest in a Calgary-based E&P company with existing production in the East Texas basin which has produced years of geological, geophysical, land and engineering work devoted to this prospect area which encompasses 161,500 gross acres. With the advent of blockchain technology to the oil industry, Permian Holding is planning to digitize the value of its proven oil reserves by issuing its own digital asset.


Blockchain-integrated Oil & gas investment framework | Focused on low-cost acreage and development to build a ling term growth-oriented oil & gas investment portfolio. Transforming our portfolio of direct investments into valuable digital assets leveraging oil & gas datasets and representing equity in proven oil & gas reserves. Our oil & gas blockchain-integrated framework allows for a more traceable and transparent hydrocarbon investment instrument focused on income generation, wealth preservation and enhanced liquidity solutions. Permian Holding streamlines revenues and data-sets from its upstream and midstream investments that are hosting containerized data mining solutions equipped with graphic processing units and high performance computers that are cloud-based servers all powered by our natural gas resources.


To transform private equity oil and gas investments into digital asset-classes that represent investments into proven oil reserves, allowing our team to provide more traceable, transparent investment for preservation of wealth and increased liquidity in a crypto-economic model


To create a regulatory compliant alternative investment ecosystem into proven natural reserves under ethical investment practices by harnessing blockchain-related technology.


Introducing Permian Token (XPR)

Digital Asset representing equity in Oil Reserves


Permian Holding plans to issue the Permian Token; a first of its kind Shari’a Compliant digital asset representing investments in proven oil production campaigns. A tokenized security for preservation of wealth, liquidity and transparency.


Our Strategy

Investment Avenues

Our strategy provides existing oil & gas investors (i.e. hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional investors, accredited investors) a chance to diversify their exposure within the same industry by including a compliant digital asset which combines upstream, data mining and tokenization in one digital economic model.

Oil & Gas

Upstream Investing

Permian Holding focuses on making Direct Investments and mergers & acquisitions in proven oil & gas reserves and ongoing producing assets with upside potential.

Data mining

Containerized Data Centers

Containerized Data Centers placed on our oilfields to digitize oil & gas data-sets and provide efficient Bitcoin mining performance utilizing wasted natural gas to power GPUs and HPCs.


Tokenized Security

Harnessing the powering of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to bring about a fungible digital asset with a clear modus operandi to fuel growth and liquidity.

Solving the industry’s major challenges:

Eliminating high barriers to entry

The ease of future buying and selling of the Permian Token on a regulated trading platform that runs on blockchain will eliminate a major proportion of broker fees that are seen in the private equity sector.

Transparency using distributed ledger technology.

By running on blockchain infrastructure and with smart contract functionality, the token will by nature be a transparent digital asset allowing investors to ascertain key performance indicators, tracking investment performance and more… The level of transparency will also remove a significant level of administrative fees, removing the time taken to isolate and investigate delays and holdups.

Significant reduction in long holding periods.

Permian Token reduces long private equity holding periods. Universal dashboard allowing for seamless transfers under a compliant blockchain-enabled framework increases the potential of wealth preservation and liquidity.

Integration of Oil & Gas data-sets and Bitcoin mining servers!

Utilizing advanced technology to deploy containerized data centers housing turbines running on natural gas to power graphic processing units (GPUs) with cloud-based integration allowing token participants to track oilfield data-sets and earn an additional source of income in the form of dividends in Bitcoin.

Smart Contracts for dividend distributions?

The potential of utilizing smart contract to distribute dividends instantaneously directly to investors’ digital wallets with predetermined conditions and board approvals. 

Permian Holding SPV Ltd.

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